Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toy Story 3 Candy Buffet for Toy Story Birthday Party

You can BUY your Candy & Popcorn  from our candy website:

OH my!! Where do I start with this Candy Buffet. As you can see from the pictures, Sugar Bunch Creations loves to be creative with our children's candy buffets. This Toy Story candy buffet was the best because it allowed us to use COLOR. The 1 year old boy birthday was great fun to set up and we loved every moment of creating the buffet.

Let's get down to the details now:
On this table we included rock candy sticks, gummi bears, colored flavored popcorn, mini cupcakes, sugar cookies, lemon heads, skittles, and gumballs. We made custom label signs for each candy as well.
We made our mini cupcake tower and added our custom made Alien mini vanilla cupcakes on them. We made the eyes for the aliens out of royal icing and black sprinkles. We topped the tower with a talking Woody figure. Tooo Cutte! Our sugar cookies all had edible Toy Story 3 characters on them with a custom Toy Story 3 round tag.

We used Banana, Cherry, and Blue berry flavored popcorn. This help add even more color to the table.
The kids always love rock candy sticks. We put these in pop up boxes and added our Buzz Light Year tag to the box.
Visit us at or call us at 832-267-7876 to book your Candy Buffet for the little one's.


  1. Looks like a lot of choking hazards for a one year old to me!!!!

  2. Our client had over 80 people here at this birthday party. Since we provide custom designs, she pick exactly what she wanted on her candy buffet. I sure the older childs enjoyed this buffet. Thanks, SB

  3. Wow, it sounds so fun event!! I am really curious to know about concept of this CANDY Special event. I have attended various events at local venues but have never been to any candy event. I will definitely attend it in next week.


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