Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lightning McQueen Cars Candy Buffet and Birthday Party for the handsome Alex 2nd Birthday

By now everyone out there in candy world should know that Sugar Bunch lovves the kids and their theme birthday party candy buffets. We love creating small themed candy buffets that match Disney movies. Our latest creation was for baby (Big boy) Alex, who turned 2 last weekend. Cars with Lighting McQueen was a must do event for us. We added caramel popcorn favor bags, laffy taffy, sourballs, gummi bears, skittles, and krispy treats. Oh this buffet was so much fun. The house had Lighting McQueen all over. They even had the Movie Trailer display board up in the center of the living room- Hook up from the local movie theater.

Call us to book your sweet candy and dessert buffet for your party. If you do not live in Houston we will mail you the favors! 832-267-7876 or sugarbunchcandybuffets.com

Stay Sweet, Sugar Bunch

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