Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Hottest Party Trend "Cupcake Decorating Parties"

Yes, Cupcake Decorating Parties are the hottest thing now moms and dads. If you didn't know, you know now. It's not all about playtime when the kids go out to parties now. From what we see when we teach these parties, the kids are really really into making their cupcakes the BEST. INTENSE is not the word to use, you can see their little minds working. They see all the colors they can use to decorate with. All the candy and sugar toppings they can add on top of their creations. It's exciting to see what they come up with for their little cupcakes. So much is accomplished with this party. Come see for yourself! Student's listening hard to understand how to put icing on the cupcakes from the Cupcake Lady.

We show the students a picture of a cupcake design for the class, and then they try to recreate the design on their own cupcakes. Look at them, perfection!

Almost done little chef, not quit yet finished.Teen's love the cupcake decorating parties too. These young girlfriends had a blast. Our cupcake decorating parties are fit for all ages. The kids will have the best time here with Sugar Bunch. P.S. after all the hard decorating we open up the bar! CANDY BAR that is..... Sugar for days!

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