Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Princess and the Frog Theme Candy Buffet

Princess and the Frog was the inspiration for this candy buffet. We are on our way to the bayou party. This was a house set-up, so we packed all of our candy gear and loaded it up in the truck We had green and purple skittles, red candy apples, green sour straws, Hershey kisses, chocolate mixed colored gems, bubble gum balls, and our custom mini cupcakes with sixlet toppers.
We spelled out the birthday girl's name with glittered letters and rhinestones.

We enjoy matching the color of our butter creme cupcake icing to the
them of the party.
We names the Hershey kisses "Frog Kisses" to go with the theme of the movie.

PERFECT red candy apples. Dont' you wish you can just bite in to these beauties??And here is Makayla's table set up, fit for a little princess from the bayou.

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